Why Is Energy Medicine Useful?

Why Is Energy Medicine Important

“In every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” – Albert Szent-gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine.

From traditional Shamans to the Ayurvedic physicians in India and the doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine most traditional medical systems had a common belief that there was an energy flowing in the body which gave it life and health.

They also believed that imbalances and blockages in the flow of that energy lead to dysfunction and disease. Moving the blockages and creating a harmonious and balanced flow in that energy has always been the basis of those medical systems.

Flow is important:
Some systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine organized this energy flow into a system of channels and groupings while other traditions saw it as a general infusion of the entire body. All believed that as long as this life-force energy (chi, ki, prana, bio-energy, etc.) was flowing properly, the body, mind and entire person was healthy. When this flow became restricted or blocked the person would begin to exhibit dysfunction and disease of the mind or body including headaches.

Everybody wanted to fix the flow:
The goal of every system was to move the blockages and reestablish a harmonious flow to the energy. Depending on the system this was accomplished through prayers and rituals, dietary methods, herbs, bodywork techniques such as massage and shiatsu, acupuncture and cleansing techniques such as purges, fasting, and sweats of various types.

How does the flow get blocked?
In times past the most common causes included injury, old age, dietary indiscretions, over consumption of alcohol, disease and emotional/spiritual issues including stress.

Times have changed:
Today there are many additions to that relatively simple list including heavy recreational drug use and the increased stress of modern living. Unfortunately many things are difficult to avoid, and some that are even supposed to help you can adversely affect the flow of the life-force energy.

Pollution is everywhere, even inside your own head:
The air, water and soil are full of toxic chemicals created by our modern life. Pesticides, fertilizers and drugs, not to mention thousands of untested chemical additives fill our food supply.

The airwaves are full of electromagnetic radiation of all kinds which scrambles the life-force energy. Every day billions of people shoot electromagnetic waves directly into their own brain courtesy of a cell phone, or even worse a wireless headset.

Technology is a two edged sword:
There is no argument that tests like CT scans save many lives. However, the overuse of these scans, x-rays, and mammograms, just because doctors are forced to practice defensive medicine because the family has been convinced by the advertising spin doctors that such tests are necessary and beneficial, exposes people to very high doses of radiation. This radiation is cumulative. Enough exposures and radiation may build to disease producing levels in the body.

Modern medicine isn’t your friend either:
Antibiotics and other medications can also be lifesavers. Unfortunately, 100,000 people die every year from problems with prescription medications. When you add in wrong medications, incorrect diagnosis, botched procedures, hospital acquired infections, complications from procedures, and medication interactions that number, according to the U.S government is about 784,000 people each and every year are sent to the undertaker by the medical system in the U.S.A. alone. There are times when medications and surgery are a necessary course of action. Energy medicine can be a useful adjunct that enhances the action of other modalities and can can speed the healing and recovery process.

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