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Urban Dictionary: soccer

Get a soccer mug for your mate Larisa. ... An old British nickname for Football,NOT an American one.It comes from the phrase Association Football.It was shortened to Assoc.,and then finally "Soccer".(like how ...

Urban Dictionary: meta

In real life changes to gamerules are usually to make the game more interesting (soccer rules change for offside, usage of time compensation in some courses). In computer games this is done by patching ...

Urban Dictionary: A Karen

The bitchy soccer mom of her friend group that nobody likes.

Urban Dictionary: DRILL

A method of shooting a football (soccer ball) where one kicks it exceptionally hard, so where it travels extremely quickly through the air and into the back of the net. Who scored the free kick last night?

Urban Dictionary: Meh

The world: "Soccer is cool." Americans: "Meh. ... © 1999-2021 Urban Dictionary ® • advertise • terms of service • privacy • dmca • bug report • help • blog • data subject request.

Urban Dictionary: ole

Olé is used in soccer or any sport where one person performs a great feat of skill and then screams Olé!! to humiliate the person they did it against. It is more commonly used in soccer when someone achieves ...

Urban Dictionary: flasher

A person who interupts tennis/soccer or any other kind of match by running onto it naked. Flashers do it usually without a particular reason, for the sake of doing this.

Urban Dictionary: keeper

of Goalkeeper in Futbol,Soccer, or "UK" football. 'keeper: Crike. I have to go to Keeper practice four times a week? And I'm still in Division Three.

Urban Dictionary: WC

World Cup (Soccer) - Warcraft (Game) - Wrong Chat - Water Closet. 1) The next WC will be held in South Africa. 2) WC is a great game, you can't deny it. 3) - Lila: Sup John.

Urban Dictionary: thesaurus

Similar to a Dictasaurus, but not be confused with a Dictionary.